Originating in Shanghai 


For SEO: China Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

As a platform to spread design and creativity, Decoster represents a lifestyle that is easy-going, casual, and comfortable. It is the umbrella that holds Decoster Women, Decoster Men, and Decoster Living together to provide people with the choice to freely & creatively express who they are.

By immersing ourselves in contemporary art and different cultures, Decoster never fails to reinterpret these sources of creative energy into something simple for daily life. The perfect combination of detail, color, texture, and print with forward design has always been the brand’s persistent pursuance. Decoster is not just a piece of clothing or a product to be used; it is a vessel that provides people with a way to embed their passion for design into everything they do.

“we make clothes that move with your life”

For SEO: China Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

Since the beginning Decoster has endeavored to spread great design to as many people as possible, and it’s this pure and simple purpose that quickly made it stand out amongst the crowd. Acting strongly with its own distinctive creative direction with little regard to trends, Decoster offers a type of lifestyle that translates into a statement of one’s own unique identity. It’s an attitude that aims to bring a sense of relaxation and freshness to our daily lives through design, craftsmanship, and creativity.

Early on, Decoster made a mark with its forward thinking womenswear. Contemporary design with a twist of femininity quickly propelled Decoster to its influential place in the China today. As the brand expanded its reach further, in 2010 it introduced two new sub-brands: Decoster Men and Decoster Living. Sharing the same DNA and purpose of spreading a lifestyle of comfort and ease, Decoster Men distinguishes itself with forward-thinking design and while maintaining practical details. Decoster Living, consisting of all things useful for the home, maintains the attitude of the Decoster brand by bringing quality traditional craftsmanship to the modern day with a twist of fun to its design.

“every discovery and creation first began with a spark of curiosity; everyday we ask questions, we engage, we discover, we evolve.” 

For SEO: China Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

Year after year, Decoster continues to reinvent itself, presenting its collections at Shanghai Fashion Week. With each collection, Decoster stays true to its roots, never losing sight of good quality and design, but is progressively taking more risks, growing a following from those who are looking for something a little different. 

We are here for the subtle and original thinkers; those not dependent on the ideas and values of others. They exist on their own terms, they don’t buy into trends. Those who notice the details, and understand that comfort and fashion can go hand-in-hand. We are here for the curious one’s, the interested one’s, the experimental one’s. The one’s who move through life unaffected by the judgement of others.

Decoster; for the creative bunch.