This season, an independent Decoster knitwear line will provide women with more options, augmenting and completing their winter wardrobes. 

This collection unfolds through a variation of blues and reds, with added touches of neon to convey a bold, contemporary spirit. The knits employ many traditional techniques such as needling and napping, which are all done by hand, and use natural fibres, yarns, lambswool and mohair to create varied fabrics with rich textural effects. The technological advances in knitwear are showcased through the finesse of the designs, which feature delicate floral cut outs, undulating surface textures and stripes of varied thickness. All these aspects serve to bring a rich and distinctive experience to wearing knitwear.

This collection combines the heritage of traditional craftsmanship with explorations and innovations in fabrics and techniques, not only providing women with comfort, but also a full and comprehensive experience.