Nature & Notion


The premise of the Nature & Notion collection is to combine the comfort and ease of natural fabrics, which are all woven by hand or on traditional Chinese looms, with innovative tailoring techniques and an artistic flair to create a more interesting fashion proposition.

Drawing inspiration from American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and the creator of Pop Art cartoons Roy Lichtenstein, this collection features energetic design elements such as stripes, polka dots, jacquards and graffiti, for a more upbeat look. The colour palette revolves around red and blue, which are colour blocked alongside bright yellows and vibrant oranges to convey a sene of youth and vitality. At the same time, the collection also contains elements of hand-spun fabrics and embroidery, as an expression of a design philosophy which sees the fashion and natural worlds in harmony.

 Building upon this foundation of art and nature, this collection is targeted towards free-spirited women who seek unique creations, who relish the freedom and spontaneity that fashion brings, and who also appreciate the unique aesthetic appeal to be found within these designs