Urban & Chic

Designed for the contemporary urban woman, the spirit of this collection is rooted in freedom and independence. Innovative tweaks are made to classic shapes in order to provide women with a wider choice.

As symbols of urbanity, geometric patterns are reconfigured and pieced together to become this season’s most important design feature. The designer meticulously captures the colours of the city, using muted red and camel tones along with vibrant hues of red and blue, to convey a sense of elegance, but one which also has an element of discord and surprise. Classic fabrics combined with laminated fabrics imbue the designs with a rich texture and give them a stylish edge. Simple but strong shapes contrast with delicate silks, blended fabrics and knits, to exude an aura of competence and intelligence, adding to the persona of the woman.

Urban & Chic’s classic and assured design style expresses a modern attitude, allowing women to express themselves freely wherever they are. Whether you’re out and about or in the office, these designs will emanate elegance and charisma.